The 25 Best Marketing Books for Entrepreneurs

The 25 Best Marketing Books for Entrepreneurs. At Aula CM we have compiled the best marketing books of the year. On this occasion we have added to the usual selection of advertising. branding and social media books. the best books for entrepreneurs. Very practical, useful and interesting titles for those who want to start their own business. As almost always, and despite the efforts of publishers to include titles by Spanish authors. the trend in the book market for marketing professionals continues to be led by Anglo-Saxon authors .

The 25 best books for entrepreneurs

The 25 best books for entrepreneurs. The focus of most of these books for entrepreneurs is once again on the top people data customer . It couldn’t be any other way, because marketing is not about us as brands. but about satisfying their needs. about becoming their best option when it comes to solving a problem. The appearance of titles like “ Suscribed ” seems relevant. a commitment to the subscription model that has a lot to do with what awaits us in the coming years. This is also highlighted by Fernando Maciá in Digital Marketing Strategies. when he talks about the paper press. Consumers will be the ones who decide what to hire and at what price.

Digital Marketing Strategies

 Digital Marketing Strategies. It perfectly describes the main current marketing strategies and processes, although it does not delve into any of them, as it is not the objective of the book. Clear concepts and very BM List understandable language for those outside the sector. It includes the most basic terminology of digital marketing (Indexing, tracking, CTR , SWOT analysis). Explains a few “step-by-step” processes (how to supervise the management of a Google Ads campaign , what to ask for in a heuristic analysis, tips for creating accessible websites, etc.)

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