Scooters and Bicycles Available to Employees

Taking Care of Employee Comfort. May Seem Overzealous, but Research. Shows That People Change Places of Employment. For Very Repetitive Reasons.

The Most Common. Of Them is the Atmosphere, Which is Also Influenced. By the Emotional State in Which They. Arrive at Work and Then Home. To Meet the Expectations. Of Employees, the Icea Group Successively Implements. Their Ideas and Their Ideas. For Better and Better Working Conditions.

Providing all members of the over 100-person team with bicycles and scooters is just one of many employee-friendly activities of the company that have such a positive impact on the comfort and, therefore, the quality of work.

Employers Are Usually Not Interested in How

I never thought that cycling to work could have such a positive effect on my well-being. I have my Whatsapp Number List  own one, but it is not suitable for such routes, so I like to use the one offered by the company. I also use scooters, because sometimes I rent one for weekends – Patrycja, Content Manager from the Copywriting Department of the iCEA Group.

They dream of creating an environment that will attract the best, that people will want to brag about and to which they will come with enthusiasm.

The iCEA Group has been listening for years to what its employees need so that they can function better on a daily basis. As a Result of These Conversations, a Chill Room. Was Created in One of the Two Occupied. Office Buildings – a Place With Game Consoles, a Billiard. Table, Table Football, Large. Tvs and Comfortable, Large Pouffes – All So That Employees. Can Relax as Best as Possible. In Break From Work.

Taking Care of Employee Comfort May Seem Overzealous

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Aplace with game consoles, a billiard table, table football, large TVs and comfortable, large BM Lists pouffes – all so that employees can relax as best as possible in break from work.

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