Two wheelers for Employees That’s an Idea

Employers are usually not interested in how employees get to the workplace. After all, we do work in a specific place and within a specific time period.

Fortunately, more and more companies pay attention to the generally understood work comfort of the people they employ. They try to make it easier for their team to get to and from home, for example by introducing a flexible work system. These entrepreneurs realize how much they can influence the quality, efficiency and well-being of employees.

Research shows that the optimal distance for an employee to commute to work is up to 15 km. People who have to travel longer distances may suffer from high blood sugar levels and disturbing levels of cholesterol.

What about commuting to work

They become more anxious and feel that they are missing out on something, that they are Ws Number List wasting their lives on public transport, which can lead to depression. Employees whose commute takes longer than 45 minutes have to get up earlier, which makes them tired faster and sleep worse. (source: The Regus Work-Life Balance, University School of Medicine in Saint Louise).

For this reason, the iCEA Group came up with the idea to enable employees who live farthest from the company to get to work without traffic jams. It provides them with two-wheelers – bicycles and scooters, so that they can move around the streets of Poznań and the surrounding area in a healthier and faster way.

People Who Have to Travel Longer Distances

Another advantage of this solution is care for the environment, which goes hand in hand with the social responsibility BM Lists policy implemented by the Poznań-based company. After all, scooters generate fewer harmful substances than cars, and bicycles are perfectly ecological.

This innovative solution on a nationwide scale met with an enthusiastic response from the fans of health and efficient commuting to work in the iCEA Group.

I use the scooter occasionally – when my wife has to take the car, but I see a huge advantage in this solution. I don’t worry that I will have to be stuck in a bus that is on an extremely congested route, but I can quickly sneak between cars – Bartek, employee of the
Sales Department of the iCEA Group.

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