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For Some Employers, Remuneration. Is All They Have to Offer Employees. And They Assume That They Do Not Have to Do Anything. Else. Others Go Out of Their Way to Ensure. That Other Needs. For Which People Come. To Work Are Also Met – the Need for Security, Relationships, the Need for Development, Etc.

The Icea Group Has Been Listening for Years to What Its Employees. Need So That They Can Function Better. On a Daily Basis. As a Result of These Conversations, a Chill Room Was. Created in One of the Two Occupied. Office Buildings – a Place With Game Consoles, a Billiard. Table, Table Football, Large. Tvs and Comfortable, Large Pouffes – All So That Employees. Can Relax as Best as Possible. In Break From Work.

A few words about how to take care of employees

Additionally, everyone can also help themselves to fresh fruit or free snacks from the Ws Database vending machine, perfect for delicious coffee.
The company makes sure that our team is well integrated. We often go out together after work to relax, barbecue on the company terrace, organize board game evenings, or spend time actively, for example playing basketball or football.

Employees are used to this. However, this does not change the fact that the launch of the company’s free scooter rental was an event! – notes Tomek, a specialist working in the SEO Department.

Free webinar opening the new iCEA Group educational series entitled “How to choose a platform for your e-store?” on July 25, 2023 at 10:00. Registration for the event.

Scooters and Bicycles Available to Employees

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For some employers, remuneration is all they have to offer employees and they assume BM Lists that they do not have to do anything else. Others go out of their way to ensure that other needs for which people come to work are also met – the need for security, relationships, the need for development, etc.

The iCEA Group has been listening for years to what its employees need so that they can function better on a daily basis. As a result of these conversations, a Chill Room was created in one of the two occupied office buildings.

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