Start split-testing everything

 Start split-testing everything you send out You’re probably already familiar with split testing. It means sending out different variations of the same email to see which gets the better response. You might isolate the email subject. Same exact emails. Different subject lines. Which one gets a higher open rate? Which one generates more sales? That’s the style to use on your next campaign .But here’s the thing. You can apply the same testing principles to anything in your campaign .At campaign monitor.  We’ve even been known to split test entire templates. In one case. We saw a click-through-rate increase of 127% from that change alone.

You’ll learn about your subscribers

You’ll learn about your subscribers’ preferences. Do they respond to a coupon code more often than a personalize subject line? Do they want contests? Valuable information? Do they africa email list open an email more often when it’s “from the CEO” or from your entire brand? What’s more.  A/b testing will introduce you to more email campaign best practices. Chances are.  There are some additional best practices unique to your industry. And you can only learn them if you start split testing. To hook your audience.  Start telling them a story Split testing is important. But if you lose touch with why people sign up to your newsletter in the first place.  You can slowly drift away from your core message.

Few sentences as soon as you sign up

Notice it only takes a couple of paragraphs to figure out what they’re all about. They tell their “zero to hero” story in the span of a few sentences as soon as you sign up. Email marketing software BM Lists like ours is important. It will get your message out there. But remember it’s just the template. You have to fill in that template with the human side of your story. Don’t forget to include an element of intrigue or mystery in your story. Think of the great opening lines in the history of literature. They hook you right off the bat with a little bit of mystery.

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