The 11 Pinterest Trends Advertisers Should Know About to Succeed in 2023

Pinterest Predicts is back , the annual report that dissects the main trends for next year. The social network Pinterest is very popular, since more than 400 million people visit it to find inspiration for their projects. Therefore, that is why it is very interesting for advertisers to access insights and rely on these trends, which is why they also created Pinterest Trends, their tool to help advertisers detect emerging trends . For the third year in a row, the accuracy of the Pinterest Predicts report is high: in the last three years, 8 out of 10 predictions came true. Therefore, this “ Pinterest Predicts ” report predicts, based on searches, what will be trending next year. That is why here we bring you the 11 categories that might interest advertisers.

These are the trends from the Pinterest Predicts

Fashion Light fashion: this 2023 will bring us lace, tulle, ruffles and glitter, according to the growing searches of generation Z and category email list millennials. “Ruffle shirt for men” and “look with transparent pants” are some of the trends.Sci-fi Fashion: This fashion is amazing. Searches for dystopian looks and futuristic cuts will surge as Gen Z and Millennials opt for cyber streetwear, galactic glasses and gamer girlRomcom Aesthetic : New generations will romanticize their wardrobes with slip dresses, tube tops, cargo pants, and hair clips. style.Fringe comes and goes: fringe returns in 2023! But not in the way we expect. Generation X and millennials will opt for the vagaries of outfits with fringes, dresses and jackets. And for less conventional brides: bridal dresses with fringes are trending.

Hobbies and interests

Rethinking dating: Generation Z will opt for a different dating experience, choosing bookstores, museum encounters, or aquarium BM Lists adventures. Bookstore appointment +195% Picnic ideas for dates +385% Creative ideas for date nights +120% Appointment in aquarium +235% Museum appointment +70% The art of paper : old hobbies never go out of style. Boomers and Generation Z will opt for origami, filigree and stationery to satisfy their desire for manual work. How to make paper rings +1725% Instructions for origami +175% Paper mache furniture +60% Paper Quilling Art +60% Paper animals +385% 10. Entertainment Long live raves! : Events are recovering after the pause due to the pandemic. Techno style, rave fashion and outfits related to house music are trending on the web . House music outfits +185% Berlin rave fashion +250% Rave party aesthetic +35% Techno style +60% Music mixer +115%.

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